black and white image of Yin yoga teacher Alex demonstrating a yin twist for those who practice with a chair

Nurture Every Student

Yin yoga is a nourishing practice that is easy to adapt for every body.

Let me show you how.

In Yin, the Teacher is More a Midwife

Than a Master

Yin yoga is not a vocabulary of poses, but an intention that we bring to the practice. Rather than focusing on the aesthetic, performative, and acrobatic nature of the practice, asking us how the practice should look, Yin asks a different question.

Yin asks - how does it feel?

How can you create a sequence in service of that question?

black and white image of yoga teacher Ivy Hughes demonstrating shoelace pose at the wall with Yoga teacher Kari Kwinn supporting
What About the Wall?

Seamlessly sequence Yin yoga classes that leverage the benefits of walls and work around their inconveniences.

black and white image of yin yoga teacher Amanda Flott-Kinsey demonstrating big cat pose
Upper Body Boost

Skillfully choreograph upper body poses into sequences, introduce new concepts, and negotiate students with all variations of mobility.

black and white image of a pregnant yin yoga student demonstrating a variation of bananasana
Clever adaptations

Forget lists of rules about who should and shouldn't do certain motions. Build the confidence to adapt your sequence for each student with no stress.

black and white image of yin yoga teacher Raymond Tapia demonstrating shoelace pose
Signature Sequences

Embrace your own style & infuse your teaching with your perspective, charisma, and talent.

black and white image of yin yoga teachers Krishna and Kimberly Ghorai demonstrating straddle pose back to back
Yin is Fun

Explore all of the ways to leverage creative support - whether you are teaching in person or virtually, learn to leverage every gift.

black and white image of yin yoga teacher Kaitlin Jackson demonstrating toe pose using a chair and Kari Kwinn preparing to support her
Behind the Scenes

Outtakes are my favorite part of the movie, and as a bonus, you'll get to see what makes a sequence go wrong.

I will continue to add to the course as I receive feedback.

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Hi, I'm Kari

This course contains the system I developed in 1996 when I first started teaching yoga. It's perfectly suited for Yin, which is slow and methodical and often attracts students who do not feel welcome in other styles of practice.

There is no 'peak' pose in a Yin practice, and the objective is to nourish students, not entertain them.

As you step through this course, I believe you will develop the confidence to support every student who desires to practice.

headshot of yin yoga teacher Kari Kwinn